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Each day our guide outlines an area of ministry, within regeneration or around the world, to pray for. We are also inviting you to come to Fuel midweek and pray with others in the church.

You can find all of the prayer points below or download the guide.


Give up food for a day or a two across the seven weeks and commit this time to praying instead. Remember to drink plenty of water though!

If for medical reasons you can't give up food, consider fasting drinks other than water, or subscriptions.


We want to support the fantastic work of DFN UK in India. Help us reach our target of £6528.

Prayer Guide

Mon 25 March


For people to be hungry to be disciples of Jesus, and for our midweek Bible study to grow in its role of strengthening and equipping people in their faith

Tue 26 March


For favour as they provide support, mentoring and employment help to those wanting to exit a criminal or gang-related lifestyle. For God to intervene in London’s knife-crime epidemic

Wed 27 March


Pray for this gathering of women at regen, that they would be empowered, built up and equipped through it

Thu 28 March

charity: water

1 in 10 people lack access to clean water. Pray for their work in solving the water crisis, that God will give them favour as they build sustainable water projects around the world

Fri 29 March


For the Breakfast, Social and Fuel events of this ministry to help bring men together and for them to know who they are in Christ

Sat 30 March

LIV: Playground

That the playground we are building as a church would bring people together around the LIV clinic and improve the life quality of the families in the Cottonlands community

Mon 1 April

Greater response to gospel preach

Wouldn’t it be great to see someone come to know Jesus at every service, and at outreach in Romford? Pray this will be a reality this year

Tue 2 April


For links between them and churches in Havering to grow stronger and for God-ordained opportunities to share the ownership of schools work

Wed 3 April

The Impact Project

For the planning of our concentrated week of local mission from 25 – 31 May. For people to come to Jesus through it

Thu 4 April

Good Shepherd churches and schools

Pastors and churches are regularly attacked and slum community schools face demolition in India. Pray God’s protection and for the network to grow and deepen

Fri 5 April

Signs and wonders

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If he did miracles, signs and wonders throughout the Bible, we can expect them now

Sat 6 April

The Bible Society

Take the Bible to places across the world where it’s hard to come by. Pray that Bibles reach those who need it, and for the provision for more to be produced in local languages

Mon 8 April


Mentoring is a key part of what we do here. Pray for those that mentor to grow in wisdom and integrity as they lead others to do the same

Tue 9 April


Pray for their Centurion project which runs for seven nights across seven churches in Havering, that God uses it in a powerful way to reach people

Wed 10 April

Holy Grit

For people to engage with the book and be encouraged through it. For wisdom on how to take it forward and for James as he writes a workbook to accompany it

Thu 11 April


For their teams across the world who are spreading the Gospel as they work for people to know God and make Him known

Fri 12 April

Passionate prayer and worship

It’s our desire to be a place that continuously attracts the presence of God. Pray that we’d see this realised through our times of prayer and worship

Sat 13 April

LIV: Mission team

For God’s protection over our team of 11 departing for South Africa on 15 April, and for a safe, delay-free journey. That they would be blessed and a blessing to LIV Durban

Mon 15 April

Our own building

We’d love to have a building of our own in the not-to-distant future. Pray for God to open doors and make a way when the time is right

Tue 16 April

Scripture Union

Pray for them as they partner with churches and others to reach the 95% of children and young people that are not in church

Wed 17 April

Increase in number

Praise God for the diversity of ages and people at regen. Pray for this to continue, and for more to become part of the family

Thu 18 April

Other local churches

Pray for God to strengthen, encourage and equip other churches in our area such as KingsHeart, Romford Evan and Immanuel Community

Fri 19 April

Church planting

God has given us a vision to plant other churches. Pray for wisdom and to hear God’s voice clearly when it is His timing

Sat 20 April

Hyderabad Quarry, India

For the people living at the quarry site to see signs and wonders of God’s healing and salvation, and a release from poverty, as the Good Shepherd outreach team minister to them

We want to support the work of DFN UK in India. Help us reach our target of £6528.