Children & Families

We have a few events that specifically cater for families and their children.

Our trained team — across all of our events — will always ensure your children and the environment are safe, and we take the safety of your children very seriously. Take a look at our Safeguarding Policy.

Half Four

Our Half Four service happens every Sunday with a children's programme for 0–11s running alongside. That means you and your child can both have a great time with something tailored for each of you.

Little regen

Little regen is church for children, split into three age groups. It's not about simply babysitting your children, but encouraging children to come to know God in a fun and safe way, regardless of what age they are, through things such as songs and crafts.

Little Paws

Little Paws is our chilled and friendly parent and toddler group, meeting on Fridays during term time.

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