What are circles?

Circles are our new way of meeting without being able to physically meet due to COVID-19.

We're allocating people at regeneration into smaller groups called 'circles', led by two or three people. Circles will pray together and be a support network for each other in these unprecedented times.

Based around households, circles will hopefully meet as they are able via video calls on Zoom in order to mirror as close to physical interaction as we can.

If you haven't been added to a circle yet and would like to join one, click the button below.

When do circles meet?

The idea is for circles to be given the opportunity to meet two or three times a week.

The first will be directly after the 5PM Sunday livestream to discuss, share good news and pray together.

The second will be during our usual time of Charcoal – starting at 7.45PM. We’ll run through the rest of the prayer course for the four weeks that are left, have a discussion, and then pray for each other. Once this course is finished we will follow a different study topic, which will be decided in due course.

The third possible weekly video gathering is to pray for each other and situations that our community, nation and world are facing. These times will be flexible and set to what works best for each circle.

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