Half Four & Community Meal

Engaging Sunday church with a children's programme, followed by a free meal
October 21, 2018
0–125 years. Features Children's programme

We're honoured to have George Verwer, founder of OM, come and speak at regen for this Sunday in October.

For Community Meals, we just have the one Sunday gathering at Half Four, followed by a free meal for everyone to share together and hangout. Little regen, our programme for 0–11s, will run as it usually does at the Half Four.


We aim to create a vibrant worship atmosphere that is accessible for people to encounter God. We usually have six or seven songs each service led by our band, with lyrics provided on screen. See a playlist of songs that we frequently sing at regen.


Whatever stage of life you’re at, whether you know Jesus personally or not, we aim for engaging and challenging talks that empower and encourage you. We love to tell stories at regen to help explain points, or to draw parallels of what happened in the Bible with current events.


At every service, we offer prayer ministry, where someone on team can pray with you. It doesn’t matter what you’d like prayer for — whether it’s something that’s resonated with you in the talk, a worry you have or some healing you’d like — we’d love to pray with you. We ask that guys pray with guys and girls with girls to help keep things simple.

Little regen

Our children's programme is split into three groups. Each one will have a dedicated team, helping them discover God, whatever their age, in a fun and safe environment.

Dash 0–4 years

Swish 5–7 years

Bounce 8–11 years

We take the safety of your children very seriously. Parents check-in their children to our facilities during the service and are looked after by our trained volunteers.  Children are not released until they are checked out by their parent or guardian, so you can have peace of mind during the service. Take a look at our Safeguarding Policy.