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Who We Are

regeneration is a vibrant church that believes Jesus Christ is relevant for people today.
We believe the Gospel is just as relevant today as it has been in any other point in history. We seek to create an accessible church for everyone, where we worship and explore more about God together in a way that makes sense in the culture we live in.

Church is about people connecting with God and each other. We do our best to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where you can come as you are and discover with us the life-transforming power of God.


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Holy Grit by James Poch
Holy Grit by James Poch book cover

Full of real-life stories and bible verses, Holy Grit is an easy-to-read guide to help you gain traction on your journey with Jesus.


Each Sunday, we have two afternoon gatherings. Same content, different times.

Welcome Lounge

We open up a lounge in-between our services, from 5.45 to 6.25PM, so we can meet new people and chat with each other. Stay after or arrive before a Sunday gathering so you can enjoy some refreshments and we can get to know you better. We love people.

Little regen

At our Half Four service, we run a children's programme for 0–11s. That means you and your child can both have a great time with something tailored for each of you. We take the safety of children very seriously – take a look at our Safeguarding Policy.


We've got something for 11-16s at the Half Six too. They're welcome to go out with our team for the duration of the talk to have discussion and a version of the message shaped to them.


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Find events or groups of people similar to you.

A mother holding her child and smiling down at himChildren & Families
Sunday & Midweek events
A group of young adult females sitting on a picnic blanket outside enjoying a conversationregen Socials
Local and London-based events
Group of young people wearing light t-shirts and various patterns of neon facepaint in a darkly lit roomIndigo
Hangout for 11-18s
Young adult holding iPad smiling during a discussion group at Charcoal at regeneration ChurchCharcoal
Tuesday Bible discussion
A group of women in discussion with someone out of picture during MagentaMagenta
Discipleship for women
Two men plating up sausages, hash browns and bacon at a Cobalt BreakfastCobalt
Building up men in their faith

Next Steps

Helping you discover the next stage of your growth and life at regeneration.
Group of men of mixed ages talking together in the foreground at a Welcome Lounge at regeneration Church


Make regeneration your home. You're always welcome here.

Three adults of various ages sitting next to each other and laughing while holding a Bible each on their laps at Charcoal


Find the group that's right for you to grow in your faith.

James Poch listening to Ruth Poch share with a microphone, while both are on the platform, at regeneration Church


A calling to head-up teams and ministries.

Woman plating up a burger outside during a Summer Community Meal at regeneration Church


Check out groups and events tailored to you.

Two adults wearing team lanyards and standing behind tea and coffee urns laughing with another adult during the Welcome Lounge


One body, each with a part to play. What's yours?


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