We believe in following the model of Jesus by serving others and the church. Everything we do relies on the time, effort and talent of the people that come to church and events.

Serving is also a great way to feel part of the church family and collectively build a strong community. There are lots of different ways you can help out at regeneration.


  1. New people Icon

    New People

    What this involves

    1. Making each person feel part of regeneration
    2. Meeting new people and making them feel at home
    3. Getting new people to complete Hello cards


  1. Copywriting pen icon


    What this involves

    1. Writing copy for this website and Facebook events
    2. Creating copy for social media posts
    3. Creating memorable and relevant series title


  1. Coffee cup icon

    Teas & Coffees

    What this involves

    1. Saying hello to people and making them feel at home
    2. Serving tea and coffee before Church
    3. Setting up and clearing away the Tea & Coffee area