Holy Grit

Holy Grit is a book on biblically-driven discipleship, and how you can gain traction on your journey with Jesus.

Written by James Poch, co-pastor of regeneration Church, this guide will inspire and equip christians and churches to follow Jesus more closely.

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Holy Grit by James Poch book cover


“I love the idea of ‘Holy Grit!’ His book is a radical call to go beyond the superficial and the simple, to press in ‘to know Him and the power of His resurrection.’ I was challenged, motivated and inspired...It is a much needed book.”

Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Author and Founder of the Beauty From Ashes Trust

“People often talk about discipleship but James has gone further. Not only has he lived out his life as a disciple but he has delved deep into what discipleship looks like in the 21st Century, as he has helped others become followers of Jesus. Holy Grit unpacks discipleship with a biblical bedrock and a wealth of wisdom, experience and passion. James is raw and honest and his writing is enriched with real life stories from young people he has worked with at regen Church. I invite you to read this book, to be challenged in your own walk with God and better equipped to join Jesus in making disciples."

Andy Frost

Director of Share Jesus International

“This book is a must-read for anyone interested in discipleship. Filled with true-life stories of ordinary people who have transitioned into making the extraordinary commitment of following Jesus above everything else, it has brilliant wisdom on how mentoring can be used by God to transform lives. James Poch has lived this out for years, and you can now learn from that experience on what topics you should focus on to mentor new believers into mature Christians.”

Mark Williamson

Co-founder and Co-director of One Rock

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