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Regular happenings at regeneration.


Each Sunday, we gather together in the afternoon.

Little regen

We run a children's programme for 1-10s at the Half Five. That means you and your child can both have a great time with something tailored for each of you.


We've got something for 11-16s at the Half Five too. They're welcome to go out with our team for the duration of the talk to have discussion and a version of the message shaped to them.



God has called us to make disciples – followers of Jesus – and it's something that's meant to be done in community. This means learning, discussing and growing together, encouraging each other and having a good time while we’re at it. We have discipleship events for different groups midweek.

You’re always welcome, whether you know Jesus personally yet or not, and there’s no requirement for you to know anything. Except maybe your name.

James Poch, one of our co-pastors, has written Holy Grit, an insightful book filled with real-life stories unpicking biblically-driven discipleship and how we can gain traction on our journey with Jesus. Get a copy now if you haven't already.


Talking to God is essential in the life of a Christian and the life of a church. We really believe in the power of prayer at regen and commit everything to God in prayer.

We come together at different times in the week to seek God’s face and lift up His name, as well as turning to him for breakthrough in our nation, our church and in our own individual lives. Prayer changes things.


God wants everyone to come to know Him, and we want to do our part in sharing the Gospel with our community. Our Outreach team meets weekly to share the love of God in Romford, but we also have other events to spread the good news.


As well as Little regen at our Half Five service, we run some other events during the week for Families.

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Events & Courses

Throughout the year, we have other events — a lot of which are based around food. Hey, it’s something Jesus did.